On September 24, the arbitrator François Hamelin rended an important decision regarding the overtime payment.  The decision was to pay time and a half for the first overtime hour and it shall take effect 60 days of the decision. subject to an agreement between the ACQ and the Alliance Trade union. ACQ met the Alliance Trade union on November 2nd and it agreed that the arbitration decision shall take effect Wednesday, November 23rd 2016. Note that this decision provides that the first additional hour per week will be paid at time and a half and the double rate will apply only from the second hour of overtime.  In addition, the arbitrator also provides for certain exclusions to this general rules:

  • General holidays
  • Sundays
  • The ground work (shut down) in heavy industry throughout Quebec
  • The elevator mechanic trade
  • The erector-mechanic (glazier) assigned to maintenance, repair and renovation
  • Work on remote job sites and on the Bay James territory
  • Installers of security systems allocated for repair and maintenance work working more than 40 hours per week or 9 hours per day

Indeed, the arbitration decision stipulates that the first additional hour per week will be paid at time and a half does not apply to such exclusions or because these trades or work duties already contain a special rules granting them overtime at time and a half or because they have a special rules giving them extra time to double time from the first hour worked.