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Construction vacations: From July 18 to July 31, 2021

Hello all LU 568 members

Greetings brothers & sisters,

2020 is finally gone and this year is looking brighter ahead, regarding this historical COVID-19. The job sites keep growing in all sectors across the province, so if you are out of work, please let us know by calling the office, contacting your representative, or writing to us at: dispatch@fioe568.com

The Reps are always a phone call away, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

The letters regarding the vote for the Collective Agreements were sent by mail and e-mail during the month of May, this mailing proved to us that we had still close to 200 members who had not forwarded their e-mail address to the local. I’m asking you to share this message among members on job sites or elsewhere so that we can improve our mailing list and keep you all up to date with the latest news.

The negotiations for the Collective Agreements have ended! We had 97% of the 81 members vote against the Agreements in the four different sectors and 66% were in favor with the tronc commun (Health & Welfare Plans and Pension Funds).

The CPQMC-International who represents 26 affiliates, 23% of the industry, had an average of 72.8% of the roughly 2000 members vote against the Agreements in the four different sectors and 80.6% were in favor with the tronc commun (Health & Welfare Plans and Pension Funds).

This year, negotiations goals were based on a mandatory change with the MEDIC Insurance Plan and the Pension Funds, changing the contractor’s rate to the same percentage as the annual increase in the wages. With this change, the workers also had to contribute to their Health Plans, to stop losing certain benefits, and to keep a healthy insurance plan.

The 568 Store has still lots of long sleeve shirts for sale, so why not stop by the office and buy one and get some more promotional articles!

On that note, the staff of LU 568 and myself wish you lots of happiness and pleasure among family members and friends during this somewhat back to normal vacations!

Stay safe!

Guy Fournier

Business Manager|Financial Secretary


We proudly represent electical workers since 1919! We are the largest trade union of the electical industry in the world, with close to 775,000 members in North America including 70,000 members in Canada!

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