Since 1919

Local 568 International was chartered in 1919 by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the world’s largest electrical industry union affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, the Congress of Industrial Organizations and the Canadian Labor Congress (AFL-CIO-CLC).

Local 568 represents more than 1,500 workers including electricians, apprentices, linemen and manufacturing employees.The jurisdiction of the IBEW includes all work related to the fabrication, assembly, construction, installation, repair or maintenance of all materials, equipment, appliances and accessories required in the electric power generation.

In addition to representing workers in a number of industries, the IBEW represents workers in high technology such as fiber optics, structured cabling, railway workers and those in the construction industry who alone represent approximately 50% of our Brotherhood’s membership.

Our members who work on the various American construction sites benefit from pension plans that are in addition to the Quebec pension plan, which allows them to enjoy a better retirement than they have well-deserved. Our union has a democratic structure.

All officers are elected by the members, the real decision-makers! Join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, founded in 1891, and open yourself up to the world! IBEW members are located in about 1000 locations across North America.

Be connected to your future!


In the province of Québec, about 1500 construction workers have chosen Local Union 568 to represent them with various organizations in the construction industry.

The construction workers represent nearly fifty percent of the IBEW membership.

Local Union 568 has jurisdiction over Inside, Outside, Communication and Electrical Manufacturing work in the Province of Quebec, as stated in the bylaws of the Local and the IBEW Constitution.